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Welcome to Rebel Retirement!

Financial planners tell us we need a bazillion dollars in order to retire in the style that we’ve become accustomed to.

But the truth is, our generation, the baby boomers, hasn’t saved very much at all!

Saving half of our income over a period of 40 years in anticipation of retirement hasn't always been possible.

As productive citizens, we’ve been in the workforce, raised families, and had a life! To think that we could have accumulated as much money as they say we should have in order to have a decent retirement is unreasonable.

If you:

  • haven’t saved
  • been able to save as much as you think you should have
  • have lost money in a stock market crash

Don't feel hopeless.

You are not alone!

At Rebel Retirement, we understand. We’re boomers. We’re retired. We live a life of abundance.

Unless you have a crystal ball, no one knows what the future holds. Life has no guarantees.

Putting off retirement because of money isn't smart.

Living now before it's too late, is.

We started this website to inspire others to live a happy, healthy, productive retirement. Our mission is to empower others to retire without worrying about money.

How does this help you?

At Rebel Retirement, we offer an alternative retirement solution. It's a value-based retirement lifestyle called Just in Time Retirement. It's what we live by, and want to share this perspective with you.

Just in Time Retirement combines the Toyota Production System, the Law of Attraction, and the Power of Now to empower those who desperately want to retire, but fear they can’t because of money.  

Through experience, we know that if you treat your retirement as your business and decide what you value most, you can retire, follow your dreams, and lead a happy life!

Value-Based Retirement - Rebel RetirementThrough informative and positive articles, we inspire others to reach their full retirement potential.

Just in Time Retirement in a Nutshell

Armed with a "lean" mindset, retiring becomes an opportunity to confront one’s ego and to create an experience based on value as opposed to fear and peer pressure.

But don't misunderstand.

Being lean is not about having less, or living minimally. It's about deciding what you value and getting rid of the waste.

By sharing what we know, we empower others who want to retire but fear they can’t because of money.

Start here to learn more about Just-in-Time Retirement Planning.

So...what defines a rebel retiree?

Rebel retirees are fearless and positive individuals. They look for ways to place value on their retirement and retire happy regardless of money.  You can recognize them by their smiling faces!

Rebel Retirees:

  • subvert the status quo
  • are independent
  • take care of their health
  • live debt-free
  • don't make all of their retirement decisions based on money

The article What is a Self-Reliant Retiree explains it in more detail.

Who are the Boomers behind Rebel Retirement?

Marlene, Yoga Woman

Marlene (Yoga Woman)

David, Rebel Retiree

David (Rebel Retiree)

Hi! We're Marlene and David.

Before moving west, we lived in the New Orleans area where we raised a family and had a business.

Always being rebels of sorts, we married young and had 3 children in 4 years. Two additional kids came along in midlife. We are now the proud grandparents of 18 beautiful grands.

In addition to being a couple of "kidders", our lives have been filled with amazing dogs, fantastic felines, an extraordinary hamster, fish, ducks, rabbits, finches, a beloved turkey, and a very brave chicken - but not all at once.

Our semi-retired/retired life in the northwest is beyond anything we could have imagined. Relocating and following our dreams was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Our life is unencumbered by debt, we pay cash for everything. We live a valued-based retirement and make decisions based on a "Lean" mindset.

Through experience, we know that if you decide what you value most, you can retire and lead a life more extraordinary than you’ve ever dreamed.

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