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In an ideal world, we would have all the money we want to carry us from birth through death. However, unless you have a crystal ball, no one knows what the future holds. Life has no guarantees. Putting off retirement because of money isn't smart.

At Rebel Retirement, we offer a Just in Time or value-based retirement planning method. It combines the Toyota Production System, the Law of Attraction, and the Power of Now.

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Are You Afraid to Retire?

Peer pressure can cause problems with retirement plans because it makes you afraid to follow your heart. Knowing yourself, affirming your decisions, and having confidence in your retirement plans will conquer peer pressure.

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How Much Money Should You Have to Retire?

With value-based retirement planning, you are in charge of the results – not your financial adviser, or the fluctuations of the stock market.

Value-based retirement planning is based on the idea that you plan your retirement around what you value and eliminate what you don’t.

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What is a Self-Reliant Retiree

Self-reliant retirees believe in themselves. They are independent thinkers who trust their own judgment. They are non-conformist and have the ability to go against the status quo. Rather than concerning themselves with what others are doing, they are confident in making decisions that others would consider unpopular.

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Just in Time Retirement

Imagine that you retired today. How would you celebrate the occasion?

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How to Embrace Change and Be a Happy Retiree

Regardless of the kind of change we experience, embracing it will lead to a happier, more contented retirement. When we live with the knowledge that change is going to happen, regardless of what we do, we release our fears and find contentment living within the field of all possibilities.

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Is my Pension Safe?

I may not know who manages your account, but I’m pretty darn sure that, when the shit hits the fan, everybody will be working for themselves.

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Live your life. Nix the status quo.

Be independent and live abundantly.

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