Forty years a slave – Tips on Becoming a Rebel Retiree

40 Years a Slave! - Rebel Retirement

Do you love your job and the lifestyle it provides so much that you will sacrifice all hope of freedom?

I hope not! But I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Did the twenty-year-old-you worry about insurance or having money for the next twenty years? You’ve done all of the adult things. You have the experience and the resources to do more than that twenty-year-old could ever dream.

You don’t have to hurt your back to escape!

We all hear people say that for financial reasons, they can’t retire until they’re seventy. The truth for most is, they prefer to sacrifice their health in order to escape bondage sooner.

After raising a family and succeeding in the workplace, it shouldn’t require a million-dollar wound to escape the rat race.

It may appear daunting, but many liberty-loving, in their prime and at the top of their game individuals walk away from the System, to enjoy the best part of their lives.

These are rebel retirees.

You’ve been lied to and you know it!

People talk about valuing freedom, yet freely sacrifice all their human dignity for a false promise of security.

Isn’t it curious that our retirement savings system forces us to invest in other people‚Äôs business?

Employer matches are our money only if we invest in the approved plan.

We are forced to gamble our savings in the stock market, but never, without penalty, are we allowed to invest in ourselves.

The biggest instrument of enslavement.

Everyone, it seems, is afraid of living without adequate health insurance.

Somehow, this so-called benefit has become the biggest instrument of enslavement yet devised.

Humans have existed for ages without this barbaric medical system. Once you entrust your health to the System, you probably deserve what you get.

To those that may be saved; eat well, exercise and be free. You have an immune system. Use it!

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Remember these simple tips on becoming a rebel retiree

(and hope it’s not too late):

-Be willing to quit your job each and every day. You are a free man and work by choice as long as it suits you.

Get out of debt. As long as you live with that poverty consciousness, you’ll be poor.

-Be in charge of your health. That’s how you were made.

-Become the person that your spouse chose to share this lifelong adventure with.

-Follow your dreams, not someone else’s.

-There is a system meant to enslave you. Walk away from it.

-It isn’t about money. There are happy people with none and miserable people with plenty.

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