Should I Retire My Boomer? 5 Reasons Why Retiring Your Boomer is Awesome!

Should I Retire My Boomer - Rebel Retirement

1. Retiring your boomer keeps them happy.

Most boomers are crazy about under-employment. For boomers, there’s something about the feeling of the grass under their feet and the wind in their whiskers that is stimulating and satisfying. Boomers who spend all of their time at a job have limited experience and can end up being bored. Naturally, retiring boomers eliminates boredom and makes life fun. Retiring your boomer, whether it’s at home or on the road, is a great way to introduce variety and excitement to your boomer’s life.

2. Retiring boomers help them to stay fit.

It’s important for your boomer to get exercise! While at work, your boomer probably peaked years ago and has grown unmotivated, lazy, and fat. Just the thought of retiring could ignite new goals and long-lost ambition. With this new zest for life could come unbridled adolescent energy. Physical and mental prowess should return as they revert to the rambunctious, ambitious youths, long lost inside of them.

3. Boomers who retire are more calm and sociable.

With an expanded worldview and a stimulating adventurous lifestyle, retirees are better prepared to deal with new things: travel, meeting new people, and changes in the environment. After decades catering to others, life is now on the retiree’s own terms. This newly freed person is, of course, more sociable and adaptable!

4. Boomers who retire, forge deeper bonds and have more trusting relationships.

If you really want to get to know your retiree, have a conversation with them. You’ll find out what they think, what they’ve done and where they’ve been. They have time to listen and compare tales with you. Retirement removes a lot of competitive and pretentious behavior. Look forward to enjoying more open and honest relationships with these folks that want to have fun.

5. Retirement is crazy fun!

Of course, once you retire your boomer, you’ll see a person long-hidden, released from bondage. They’ve come back older and wiser, but in their heart, the dreams are the same. You’ll meet an extraordinary person who is truly excited about exploring the world and finally checking off their to-do list. Your retiree will inspire you to be more spontaneous, more carefree, and far more curious than ever before. At the end of the day, there’s nothing like knowing that you’ve seen a special part of life. The sooner you retire your boomer, the sooner they will become healthier and happier living a truly rich life.

Wondering how to retire your boomer?

Now that you’ve got 5 reasons why retiring your boomer is awesome, you may be wondering how to retire your boomer. Obviously, your boomer should retire as soon as possible. Around the age of 55, start by emphasizing to your boomer, the following fundamentals:

  • Your job is not your life and your IRA is not your afterlife
  • Try to remember who you are and what has true meaning to you
  • You don’t have to go to the job, you may choose to go because it presently serves a useful function
  • After retirement, the job and the people there will have as much relevance to your life as high school does to your present
  • It would be helpful if you could again become the person that your spouse was willing to share a lifelong adventure (Your children can leave and go on adventures, so can you)
  • Sometimes, strangers you share interests with become familiar,  and those familiar become strangers
  • Remain in charge of your health, give this up and you become a slave
  • Visualize the life you want, not what others decide nor what you think you have to settle for
  • If possible, try practice retirement. It will likely be different than you think.

Hopefully, these 5 reasons and suggestions should get you on your way to successfully retiring your boomer.

Shareable Infographic

Infographic - 5 Reasons Why Retiring Your Boomer is Awesome!


Note: The beginnings of this article come from a piece on reasons to walk your cat. How wonderful it would be to retire like a cat. Encourage your boomers to get out of the rat race before they die old, sick, and enslaved!




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