Just in Time Retirement

Just in Time Retirement combines the Toyota Production System, the Law of Attraction, and the Power of Now to empower those who desperately want to retire, but fear they can’t because of money.

Through experience, we know that if you treat your retirement as your business, decide what you value most, you can retire, follow your dreams, and lead a happy life!

Armed with a “lean” mindset, retiring becomes an opportunity to confront one’s ego and to create an experience based on value as opposed to fear and peer pressure.

The 4 articles listed below explain the method. Please read them in the order listed to get a complete grasp of Just in Time Retirement.

A Generation Lost in Space

Rebel Retirement - A Generation Lost in Space

How to Retire?

Amass a huge inventory of wealth and then go on a spending spree until you die.

This wealth is not to be built by normal means, it can only grow by speculating that others, just as ignorant, will continue to push the value of an investment ever higher.

According to conventional wisdom, we are supposed to retire by “Ponzi Scheme”. Some imagine themselves as winners. Most feel pathetic and left out.

Oh, and there we were all in one place, A generation lost in space, With no time left to start again -Don McClean, American Pie

Don McClean, American Pie

Fortunately, by applying a little modern business practice, we can turn the pathetics into winners and the perceived winners into pathetics.

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Just in Time Retirement in a Just in Time World

Rebel Retirement

Well, how do you teach an old dog new tricks? In most cases, maybe you can’t.

The way we conduct business has changed fundamentally over the last 30 years. Those that adopted these changes have the opportunity to thrive and those that couldn’t adapt to the new paradigm have stagnated or failed.

The 1978 English translation of Taiichi Ohno’s “The Toyota Production System” and 1990’s “The Machine That Changed The World” taught the business world a new way to view value and waste in a way most would never have imagined.

These principles apply to everyone. The retiree that fails to embrace the new paradigm, misses the opportunity to reap the rewards of “Just In Time Retirement”.

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This is What Your Retirement Could Look Like if You’re Ready

5S and Muda – Crucial Tools for Just In Time Retirement

For the older worker, a wage-paying job or career has no future. Using it to build an inventory (waste) of wealth to provide for an unknowable future hampers one from adding value to the life that ultimately follows the demise of the regular job.

Do you need the job, or is it a vehicle for increasing your portfolio in advance of your impending “permanent unemployment”?

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Eliminating Waste and the Cost of Ownership

Rebel Retirement

Imagine that you retired today. How would you celebrate the occasion?

The quintessential act is to embark on a journey with no timetable. After all, no one is expecting you at the office, ever again!

One man that we met was embarking on his journey. As we pedaled past his campsite, we observed the notice across his car’s rear window that announced that today was the first day of his retirement. His travels had already begun as he burned up his vacation time. That being completed, this day was his first officially as a retiree.

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