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In an ideal world, we would have all the money we want to carry us from birth through death. However, that's not the case for most people of our generation. Furthermore, unless you have a crystal ball, no one knows what the future holds. Life has no guarantees. Putting off retirement because of money isn't smart.

At Rebel Retirement, we write empowering content for independent individuals who know what they value and choose freedom over following the crowd. Striving to empower our generation, our articles reflect a lifestyle promoting positivity and encouragement for living your retirement dreams.

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Rebel Retirement - A Generation Lost in Space

A Generation Lost in Space

According to conventional wisdom, we are supposed to retire by “Ponzi Scheme”. Some imagine themselves as winners. Most feel pathetic and left out.

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Buck the Wildlife Photographer - Rebel Retirement

Just in Time Retirement in a Just in Time World

These principles apply to everyone. The retiree that fails to embrace the new paradigm, misses the opportunity to reap the rewards of “Just In Time Retirement”.

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Retiree On Beach - Rebel Retirement

This is What Retirement Could Look Like if You're Ready

In order to grasp how Lean thinking works, I’ll briefly describe the concepts of 5S and Muda (the seven wastes) from the Toyota Production System.

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Eliminating Waste and the Cost of Ownership

We all fall into the trap of collecting things and neglect the mounting cost of ownership.

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Live Debt Free. Be in Charge of Your Health. Be Self-Reliant.

Rebel Retirement

What is it Like to Be Debt-Free (Traits of Debt-Free Retirees)

 In a world where the average baby boomer enters retirement with mortgage payments, car notes, credit card debt, and sometimes student loans, the debt-free rebel retiree is free from the burden of money woes and the struggle that debt can cause.

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Rebel Retirement

Plan Now for a Healthy Retirement

If you’re only thinking of financial planning when it comes to your retirement, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Your health should be more important than how much money you have in the bank.

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Rebel Retirement

What is a Self-Reliant Retiree

Self-reliant retirees believe in themselves. They are independent thinkers who trust their own judgment. They are non-conformist and have the ability to go against the status quo.

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