The Power of Laughter Yoga for a Joyful Retirement

Today, I’ll embark on a journey into the realm of Laughing Yoga—a combination of laughter and yogic breathing. As older adults, this type of yoga practice has a great impact on our health and longevity. Let’s explore this humble practice. I’ll begin by explaining the basic fundamentals. Then, I’ll delve into its benefits for retirement (Learn more!)

Novel Gift Ideas That Don’t Take Up Space – for Older Adults

I remember my aunt complaining to her sisters about the gifts they gave my grandmother. She said the gifts were useless dust catchers, knick-knacks, and junk. Please! Give her something practical! Thereafter, I think my grandmother received slippers, nightgowns, and handkerchiefs. Not the most exciting presents, but useful. Now that I’m older and looking around (Learn more!)

11 Items Retirees Should Get Before It’s Too Late

Now that I’m retired, I have more time to ponder. You might say that pondering is my hobby. I once said that if I didn’t have to earn a living, I would sit around and ponder all day. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the future of America. With that said, I’ve been exploring ideas like: (Learn more!)

Gift Ideas for Boomers: 51 Exciting Gifts They’ll Love

Are you on the hunt for thrilling gift ideas for boomers and retirees? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time finding a special gift for the boomer in your life, your search ends here. As a boomer and retiree myself, I understand exactly what boomers want. And I’m here to help. I’ve curated (Learn more!)

Alarming Statistics: Baby Boomers Overuse Prescription Drugs

Long gone are the 1960s days of flower power and counterculture hippies. However, it seems that my generation still has a penchant for drugs, although the types of drugs have evolved. Prescription drugs like Adderall, Prozac, and Vicodin have replaced the recreational drugs of the past, such as LSD and Mescaline. So, why exactly are (Learn more!)