[Home Exchange]Affordable Travel for Retirees

If you had your druthers, how would you spend your retirement? Many people answer that they would like to travel – to experience foreign countries, see exotic landscapes, or visit all of America’s national parks. However, traveling can be expensive. It’s only a dream for many retirees. They simply cannot justify its costs. Although it (Learn more!)

Help Your Husband Overcome Fear of Retirement Boredom

Fear of retirement boredom is a serious problem for many men. In fact, a number of them will delay retirement for fear of boredom. Furthermore, a large number of retirees claim they are bored out of their minds after only 6 months to a year after retiring. At a time in their lives when they (Learn more!)

Should I Move to a 55+ Retirement Community [Why I Wouldn’t]

I believe in different strokes for different folks. With that said, I wouldn’t move to a 55+ retirement community. What I’ve learned about retirement communities doesn’t sound inviting to me. Even though, if you look at their websites, they make quite a convincing argument for why you should. The stock photos are beautiful – sunshine, (Learn more!)

The Truth About Superfoods and Healthy Aging

Foods and products labeled superfoods are not the answer to healthy aging. In this article, I explain why. We’ve all heard the buzzword “superfoods”.  And you may already realize that the food industry uses this term to influence your buying habits. Furthermore, if you’re on social media or use the internet in any way, you’ve (Learn more!)

Cause of Morning Joint Stiffness [Ways to Feel Better]

If you’re like me and almost every other baby boomer on the planet, you’ve experienced some kind of morning joint stiffness. Rest assured, though, the cause of morning joint stiffness isn’t necessarily because of arthritis or another dreaded condition. While our bodies naturally change as we age, and achy joints tend to increase as we (Learn more!)

Solutions if you Didn’t Save Enough for Retirement

Are you a baby boomer who didn’t save enough for retirement or lost your savings in the stock market crash of 2008? If so, you’re not alone. An estimated 45% of boomers have zero savings for their retirement. This article is for you if you’re looking for a practical solution to retirement planning aside from (Learn more!)

Can Retirement Cause Stress? 9 Stressors – How to Cope

There’s a unique set of challenges that come with retirement. So, yes, retirement can cause stress. But, stress is a normal part of life. However, with retirement comes aging. This combination may test us more than any other life-changing event we’ve encountered up to this point. We’ll face many changes during the next phase of (Learn more!)

Should I Take Social Security at 62 or Wait [Do the Math]

Are you listening to the media and planning to work indefinitely building your retirement nest egg? Are you waiting until age 70 to apply for Social Security benefits so you can get the highest monthly payout?  Waiting until 70 isn’t the best idea. In this article, I’ll explain why it is better to take Social (Learn more!)

What Retirement Was Like Before Social Security

Many conclude that retirement before Social Security was horrible, but was it? For nearly 250 years during colonial times, on the frontier, and until the late 1890s, families made their living in rural farm communities. The family unit was self-reliant and self-sufficient. They did not rely on others for their livelihood. Times were tough, but (Learn more!)

How Yoga Relieves Stress and Anxiety in Older Adults

Our bodies are nothing short of miraculous machines. And, the answers to how yoga relieves stress and anxiety in older adults are indeed remarkable. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’re going to feel great knowing that your yoga practice is doing something amazing for your body. Or, you’ll be super pumped to start (Learn more!)

What Happens to Old People Who Don’t Save for Retirement?

What happens to old people who don’t save for retirement? Answers to questions like this one are usually very negative.  Why? Because so many of them cannot see anything except misery, and lack. They are often answered by retirees who sound bitter about their circumstances. Or, answers are from financial experts who gaze into their (Learn more!)

Nutritional Benefits of Cucumbers for Healthier Aging

Part of our self-reliant-retirement-lifestyle is growing our own organic vegetables. It helps to round out our food budget without having to pay high prices at the supermarket for organically grown. But, what I truly love are the many health benefits that home-grown vegetables provide. (Find out how a vegetable garden can benefit you.) Summer of (Learn more!)

Plan Now for a Healthy, Happy Retirement

The greatest wealth is health” – Roman Poet, Virgil Plan Now for a Healthy Retirement If you’re only thinking of financial planning when it comes to your retirement, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Your health should be more important than how much money you have in the bank. Money (Learn more!)

Boost Male Vitality! The Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

Do you know someone that could use a little more zest, but thinks that Ashwagandha is strictly for women?  Let’s put that to rest once and for all. The power of Ashwagandha is remarkable. It is well recognized for its results in boosting male vitality. Men that adopt a youthful mindset, exercise regularly, and take (Learn more!)

Are you Afraid to Retire? Conquer Peer Pressure!

Are you afraid to retire because of peer pressure? Unless you’ve learned to successfully conquer peer pressure, you are still conforming to its negative ideology, including behaving in ways that your peer group thinks you should about your retirement. Before the peer group, your life was blissful. You pooped your pants, grinned for pictures with (Learn more!)

Are Reading Glasses From the Dollar Store Any Good?

Are Dollar Store reading glasses bad for your eyes? Perhaps you’ve been wondering that. I certainly have for years! Let me explain. Dollar Store reading glasses have been on my desk ever since a local anchorwoman for WWL-TV in New Orleans mentioned on air that she bought and kept several pairs around her house. Because I (Learn more!)