Laughter Yoga for a Joyful Retirement

Today, I’ll embark on a journey into the realm of Laughter Yoga—a combination of laughter and yogic breathing. As older adults, this type of yoga practice has a great impact on our health and longevity. Let’s explore this humble practice. I’ll begin by explaining the fundamentals. Then, I’ll delve into the benefits of Laughing Yoga (Learn more!)

Teaching English Online: Supplemental Income for Retirees

Teaching English online may be your money lifeline to skyrocketing prices and dwindling bank accounts. Our wallets are feeling the squeeze. Prices have hit the roof on everything from housing, food, clothing, entertainment, and gas. So, if you’re feeling the financial pinch and are looking for some side income, Teaching English Online may be your (Learn more!)

Retirement: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Thrive

Retirement is the perfect time for a fresh start. It’s a chance to leave behind a stale and unfulfilling lifestyle and step outside of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. In this post, I’ll look at what it takes to step out of your comfort zone and how thriving in retirement is possible if (Learn more!)

How Resilience Can Help You Cope With Retirement

It’s easy to feel despondent as we see the disappearance of pensions, tumbling 401(k) balances, shrinking dollars, and an unstable housing market. It’s no wonder many feel overwhelmed or even defeated by all of the adversity we may encounter along the way. But there’s a simple, yet powerful trait that can help us not only (Learn more!)

Dealing With Retirement – A Time of Great Change

Retirement is a time of great change. Don’t stifle the adventure because you refuse to change. Let go of stereotypes and resistant thinking. Accept change as it comes. Step out of your comfort zone and meet your future with enthusiasm. Embrace change and go with the flow. Then retirement becomes a new and exciting adventure. (Learn more!)

Power of Play for Older Adults – 5 Ways to Unleash It

It’s easy to unleash the power of play. It can be as simple as coloring or blowing bubbles. Most agree that laughter is the best medicine and exercise is the cheapest cure. In like manner, play is pleasant and restores our sense of well-being. Play is good for us and may even increase our longevity. (Learn more!)

Tips for Living Debt-Free in Retirement

If you’re like most baby boomers, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of having too much credit card debt. Maybe you’re carrying a balance from month to month, or perhaps you’ve been hit with an unexpected late fee or two. Either way, credit card debt can feel like a weight around your neck. It’s a stressful (Learn more!)

How to Grow Ashwagandha From Seeds for Healthy Aging

How to grow Ashwagandha from seeds can be a new adventure for healthy aging enthusiasts. Cultivating and growing your medicinal herbs can be a very rewarding experience. Plus, you’ll feel a little more self-sufficient knowing that you’re being proactive with your health. In this article, I’ll give a brief explanation of Ashwagandha and its benefits. (Learn more!)

Get a Grip! 3 Hand Strengthening Exercises for Retirees

It’s easy to overlook hand-strengthening exercises when planning our workout routines. We may be more interested in burning belly fat or increasing our cardio endurance. However, maintaining strong hand strength as we grow older is very important. It’s important because hand fitness plays a significant role in our ability to perform everyday tasks with ease. (Learn more!)

Yes! Retire at 62 and Work Part-Time in Retirement

It’s an excellent idea to work part-time in retirement. It’s an especially sweet deal if you work and also take advantage of collecting Social Security benefits at 62. Additionally, working part-time in retirement can help you stretch your resources, whether yours are thick or thin. Furthermore, and perhaps the most rewarding, is that it can (Learn more!)

Should I Move When I Retire – Only If You Have What it Takes

Should I move when I retire is a question often asked by retirees and those planning retirement. Equally important, I think, is the question, “How independent am I?”  The question is very important because a strong sense of independence is essential for success for any retired person or couple who desires to retire and move. (Learn more!)

How Will Social Security Contact Me?

Are you confused as to how Social Security will contact you about retirement benefits? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. With that said, let me note that there are various methods the Social Security Administration uses for communication. It’s not complicated. Although we all need to be conscientious because of scams and unscrupulous individuals (Learn more!)

Perks: Retirement Has its Privileges in a Pandemic

Have you noticed that retirement has its privileges during the coronavirus pandemic?  It may be difficult to imagine there are perks, especially as Americans and people around the globe continue to suffer deeply from the detrimental health and economic effects of Covid19. The pandemic has altered Americans’ everyday lives. Routines have been disrupted.  Many people (Learn more!)

Best Retirement Advice for Uncertain Times

The best retirement advice for uncertain times is to rely on your judgment rather than on commission-driven “retirement experts”, or the advice of people on social media. Furthermore, retirement decisions based solely on money are like a time bomb waiting to explode. It’s the best retirement advice at any time, regardless of the uncertainty of (Learn more!)

Common Sense Advice for Older Adults [Coronavirus]

Years ago as a hurricane threatened the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, my sister-in-law and I conversed about human nature. People in our community were on high alert for good reason. Store shelves emptied fast of everyday staples like bread and milk. Everyone stocked up on canned goods knowing the importance of having food that required (Learn more!)

How to Survive Your Husband’s Retirement

If you’re looking for tips on how to cope with your husband’s retirement, know that you’re not alone.  Many of us have concerns and questions about how to adjust to our husband’s retirement. However, the key to surviving this transition is to start by checking in with yourself.  Remember, the only person you can control (Learn more!)

Don’t Worry if You Exceed the Social Security Earnings Limit

Don’t worry if you’ve exceeded the annual Social Security earnings limit, or think you might. I know from experience that returning the money to Social Security is painless and efficient. In the following text, I will explain how it works. But first, let me give you some background information. Working Part-Time at 62 and Collecting (Learn more!)

How to Retire at 62 with Little Money [It’s About Value]

As Boomers, my husband and I know that people want to retire, but are worried about money. And with Just in Time Retirement – an innovative retirement lifestyle plan, you can. With the tips we offer, you have the freedom to develop a lifestyle to fit your needs. It doesn’t cost anything except the discipline (Learn more!)

10 Positive Lifestyle Choices for a Healthier Retirement

Many of us are probably thinking about setting some goals for a healthier, happier retirement. Maybe you’re planning to start a new exercise routine, or finally get serious about eating more vegetables and less junk food. That’s great! For me? I’ve decided to dive deeper into my Kundalini Yoga practice. I love the way it (Learn more!)