Yes! Retire at 62 and Work Part-Time in Retirement

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It’s a great idea to work part-time during retirement, especially if you also take advantage of collecting Social Security benefits at 62.

Furthermore, working part-time during retirement can help you make the most of your resources, whether you have a lot or a little.

It can also be incredibly fulfilling as it allows you to stay creative at any age. Many retired individuals work part-time, and it’s not always about needing the extra money. For instance, I know a woman who doesn’t need the money but works a day or two a week just to get out of the house!

Regardless of your motivation, don’t let anyone discourage you by saying you’re not truly retired if you work part-time.

Social Security - Rebel Retirement

Collect Social Security. Work part-time. Invest in yourself.

Consider this: It’s your hard-earned money, so be savvy about how you use it. Consider beginning to receive Social Security benefits at 62 and working part-time to supplement your income.

Take the funds and invest in yourself, following a concept similar to that of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Let your Social Security benefits work for you. Start thinking of ways to invest part or all of your benefits while still earning a paycheck.

To clarify, I don’t mean putting your money into a risky stock market where your retirement savings could vanish overnight. Instead, consider investing in yourself. This could involve buying a piece of land where you plan to retire, starting a business, finally writing that book, paying off debts, and so on.

Use the funds in a manner that will enhance your situation. Ideally, consider an endeavor that could generate passive income in the future.

It’s worth noting that before reaching full retirement age, there are limits to how much you can earn annually before it affects your Social Security benefits. However, it’s not a significant concern.

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Working part-time and collecting benefits has its advantages.

When you work part-time and pay Social Security taxes, the credits in your account increase, which can raise your benefits when you reach full retirement age.

If you work after you start collecting benefits at 62, Social Security will recalculate your benefit amount to reflect those additional years worked. It’s beneficial to work part-time while in retirement and collecting Social Security if you make the most of it.

Work part-time in retirement to stretch resources.

Once you’ve retired, you may have another 20 years or more ahead of you. If you find yourself needing additional income, consider working part-time.

Many retirees choose to work seasonal jobs such as driving shuttle buses in national parks or taking temporary retail positions during holidays. Others use their expertise to start a business or offer consulting services.

Even if you think you have enough money saved for retirement, a part-time job can still be beneficial. It can help you supplement your savings and delay using your retirement funds, allowing them to continue growing.

Retire and get creative with part-time work.

It’s common knowledge that staying socially active and engaging your brain can improve your health and reduce the risk of serious illness. Getting involved in creative part-time work is one way to exercise both your body and mind while being challenged.

Moreover, with some effort, your creative talents can be transformed into a source of income. For instance, if you have a passion for painting, you may have the time now to pursue it. Watching your art sell in a local shop is not only fulfilling but also brings in some extra cash. Alternatively, setting up an Etsy store to sell your products online can turn a lifelong hobby into an exciting part-time venture.

YouTube also offers an excellent platform for creatives. It’s fascinating to see the countless baby boomers sharing their experiences through videos. A quick search will reveal content on various topics, from RV retirement lifestyles to pantry prepping and survival skills in the wilderness.

If you’re interested, here are a few channels to check out: 

You might find these websites interesting:

After years of raising kids and working with my husband in business, I now focus on building my online presence, a pursuit shared by many older adults.


Retirees often choose to work part-time during retirement. It’s a particularly good idea to consider collecting Social Security benefits while working part-time because it allows you to invest in yourself. If you require additional income, a part-time job during retirement can provide the financial security you need. If you don’t need the money, working part-time can help you grow your savings. Additionally, working part-time during retirement can help you stay active as you age, allowing you to prioritize maintaining good health while also possibly generating an income stream.

Last Update: 06/10/24

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3 thoughts on “Yes! Retire at 62 and Work Part-Time in Retirement

    • Yoga Woman says:

      Hello Dottie, Thanks for asking. Rebel Retiree and I went for a time without coverage until Medicare kicked in. However, some of the options available include COBRA, Medicaid, state programs, individual and family plans, and health savings accounts. I’ve read that part-time work occasionally includes health insurance. I encourage you to explore these options to determine if they are appropriate for your unique situation. I know that health insurance is expensive and can be a deal breaker for some folks wanting to retire at 62. Thanks for stopping by. I hope this helps and you’re able to retire sooner instead of later.

      Marlene, Yoga Woman

  1. Yoga Woman says:

    Congratulations on your retirement, Eric! Happy to hear that retiring at 62 has been so beneficial to your health. Thanks for stopping by and leaving an uplifting comment.

    All the best,
    Marlene, Yoga Woman

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