The Grass is Greener – Find a Retirement Haven That Suits You!

Find a retirement haven that suits you-Rebel Retirement

Find a retirement haven that suits you.

Just because you were born somewhere, doesn’t mean that you have to die there! After leaving the rat race, you might want to settle down in paradise. Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

For many it is.

Try climbing over and embracing the unknown. You may find a wondrous world that you could never have imagined.

How does one find a piece of the planet to adopt as their new home?

In my case, we traveled and searched until we were running low on places to search. When we crossed over into the promised land, we felt as if we had arrived. My wife always says that she feels like she belongs here.

Over the years, we have met and heard stories of others who, after traveling the world over, have settled here, just as we have.

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Searching for Paradise

The search entails defining paradise while simultaneously finding locales that may match what will become a constantly evolving definition.

In your travels, discover what makes you happy and defines you as a person.There are different climates. Find what suits you.

Some places even have four glorious seasons. Try them all.

Go off the beaten path. You are on a voyage of discovery.

Study the people. How do they dress? What do they drive? Shop where they shop. Envision yourself as part of the community. If you like the community, but feel the need to bring changes, you probably should stay in California.

Discover new recreational and business opportunities unique to each area. Picture yourself invigorated by a new life filled with unimagined activities.

Hidden Treasures

On a personal note, I was looking for a scenic location with a desirable climate that had easy access to the activities I enjoyed.

What I found was so much more. Tucked away out in the middle of nowhere, we found a gathering place for independent, liberty-loving people. Expecting only redneck NASCAR and country music fans, the world we found was truly enlightening.

Imagine finding:

Small-town America from a bygone age with no crime, no traffic, tree-lined boulevards, and walking to parks, shopping, and activities.

-A diverse people, treating everyone from transients to billionaires with equal respect.

-A mixed bunch of characters ranging from libtards to fanatical Christians to white supremacists, all living and working together as neighbors. These differences seem to be in perspective only, not affecting their respect for individual liberty. (These niceties may not apply in the debate over “delisting wolves”.)

-A place where people live sustainably, maybe off-grid, and are not considered eccentric.


I mention these hidden treasures to inform others that the world may be different than they think. Looking back at the prejudices and uniformities common in my old home, I’m grateful to know a place where these are reduced to irrelevance.

When you find your “greener grass”, remember that no one will believe you. Just enjoy being the crazy, grinning rebel retirees.

Last update: 02/14/23

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