Eliminating Waste and the Cost of Ownership

Imagine that you retired today. How would you celebrate the occasion? The quintessential act is to embark on a journey with no timetable. After all, no one is expecting you at the office, ever again! One man that we met was embarking on his journey.

Just in Time Retirement in a Just in Time World

Well, how do you teach an old dog new tricks? In most cases, maybe you can’t. The way we conduct business has changed fundamentally over the last 30 years. Those that adopted these changes have the opportunity to thrive and those that couldn’t adapt to

A Generation Lost In Space

How to retire? Amass a huge inventory of wealth and then go on a spending spree until you die. This wealth is not to be built by normal means, it can only grow by speculating that others, just as ignorant, will continue to push the

Can I Still Retire if the Stock Market Crashes?

Can I Still Retire if the Stock Market Crashes? Many wonder if a downturn in the stock market will delay or ruin their retirement plan. It’s safe to assume that anyone depending on growth in an overvalued market is either stupid or desperate. When a

What Type of Grandparent are You

It seems that many freely use their grandparent card when planning retirement. Applications range from eliminating the embarrassment of downsizing all the way to forcing one’s spouse into maintaining an opulent lifestyle. No one’s motives are ever challenged since we can’t really know another’s inner

Retire Tipsy (How to Keep Your Vices and Still Retire)

Have your cake and eat (or drink) it too. After planning to downsize and simplify, your financial planner informs you that your portfolio is still 100K short to retire. Like a parent explaining economics to a college kid, he explains how your fifteen dollar per

Retirement Travel – Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

Experience the Journey as well as the Destination Some people travel and others do not. By travel I mean, experiencing the journey as well as the destination. What can enrich us more than seeing, touching, tasting, smelling and hearing the experience of a journey into