Retire Tipsy (How to Keep Your Vices and Still Retire)

Retire Tipsy- Rebel Retirement

Have your cake and eat (or drink) it too.

After planning to downsize and simplify, your financial planner informs you that your portfolio is still 100K short to retire. Like a parent explaining economics to a college kid, he explains how your fifteen dollar per day vice requires one hundred thousand dollars in savings to support it in retirement. Do you believe this leech? If you do, your choice seems to be never retiring or giving up life’s simple pleasures. I’m sure that  Rebel Retirees can find a way to have their cake and eat (or drink) it too.

While working, we develop routines that provide convenience in our busy lives. The expense of fast food or take out coffee is justified by increased productivity. It makes sense in that fast paced environment to meet socially in public eateries and taverns. In retirement, these extravagances are no longer justified by work demands. Some solutions are simple. Brew coffee at home. Eat and entertain there as well. Social bonds become stronger in a private setting. Other habits can be problematic.

American women need wine.

It seems that wine is the “mother’s little helper” for baby-boomer women. Beer and the popular craft brews also keep everyone loose. As in the declining Soviet Union, it seems alcohol is the drug of choice in declining America.

Turn your vice into a hobby that allows you to retire.

When you retire, time becomes your friend. Many find fulfillment in a self-sufficient or sustainable lifestyle. As a frequent social drinker, you may find great satisfaction brewing beer or making wine at home. The quality of product you make can meet or exceed that of commercially produced alcohol. As an added bonus, the government receives no tax on your privately consumed booze. You may be unemployed, but can still impress everyone with your skills in the fermentation arts.

Bottoms up!


It’s estimated that 1 million North Americans make their own wine. It’s easy, fun, affordable, and absolutely delicious. Everything is better when you make it yourself. Plus, making your own wine will save you money in retirement. A homemade bottle of wine will costs about 1/3 of what it costs you if purchased at a retail establishment. Why not get started on your wine making journey today!



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