The Secret to a Long Life [The Benefits of Cross Country Skiing]

“It’s a beautiful day for a workout,” she said as she glided past me skiing with ease like a woman 20 years her junior. My last cross-country skiing adventure was completely invigorating!  By the end of the 4.5k loop, I felt totally revitalized. While my

Nutritional Benefits of Cucumbers for Healthier Aging

Part of our self-reliant-retirement-lifestyle is growing our own organic vegetables. It helps to round out our food budget without having to pay high prices at the supermarket for organically grown. But, what I truly love are the many health benefits that home-grown vegetables provide. (Find

Boost Your Immune System Naturally – 10 Immune System Boosting Foods Boomers Should Add to Their Diets to Stay Healthy

I think we can all agree that our immune system is amazing! This complex network of cells, organs, and tissues harmonize to defend our bodies from disease-causing microorganisms. Like a loyal family watchdog, it constantly guards our bodies against unwanted intruders that make us sick.